The concept Percold (Performance in Cold) has become a world-wide, unique concept for improving ergonomics for personnel working in harsh conditions, e.g. military, infrastructure workers, blue light personnel and winter athletes and tourists. It includes education, a base line questionnaire to, measurement of individual sensitivity using a e-health concept Method of Linné, (MoL), delivery of research data, prevention and mitigation suggestions and evaluation of new products. MoL is patented and trademarked.

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A base line study.

By answering a questionnaire it will be possible to analyse and find the underlying reasons that might cause decreased ability for the individual and team. The Questionnaire will give answer on what the status is for your team and yourself. It will form the base for further improvement and optimisation.

Target training and education

Within harsh environment ability and it’s ergonomic including problem description and definitions, effects on human, risk and risk management, effects on health, prevention and mitigation, knowledge testing and evaluation.

Method of Linné (MoL)

Test of peripheral circulations in hand and feet’s with the method MoL Method of Linné, an eHealth concept. The applications for the measuring with MoL for individual tests can be used also be used for measuring effect of using vibrating tools, drugs, tobaco as well as in product development of e.g. to evaluate new design of glows or personal protect equipment.

Delivery of research data.

All approved data is stored in a database (Percold) and can be used for further research.

Solutions for prevention and mitigation.

The suggestion of solutions includes individual safety and risk assessments and suggestions for aids prevention and mitigation measures.

Measure your own hands

It will take less than 30 minutes and costs 500 kr including VAT. You will immediately know if you belong to those who have warm or cold hands, or if there is any part of your hands that have poorer circulation. We will tell you more about the function of hands function and how they are affected by cold and cold surfaces. We also provide tips on how to prevent possible future injuries. Immediately after the measurements have been completed, you will get your own health report that you may bring along and possibly use at the next measurement to see if your hand status has changed.

Product development.

The concept also allows the opportunity to evaluate new products and services design for improving working and ergonomics.


Percold Concept
Method of Linné - why bother
Method of Linné -measurement how it works

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Performance in cold comprises a methodology for the study of individual sensitivity to cold, delivery of research data, suggestions for prevention and mitigation measures, and design and evaluation of new products (tools, equipment, clothing, etc.)

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