Skellefteå Kraft

During winter 2017, Percold has conducted courses in winter ergonomics for Skellefteå Krafts staff, who work with power lines, power stations and wind turbines. The aim is that the staff should have the best prerequisites for carrying out their work safely and without damage even under severe conditions such as in the dark, cold and at precipitation. The courses included competence-enhancing lectures, demonstration of various protective equipment, improvement suggestions and tests of individual cold sensitivity with the Method of Linné. The course has been perceived by the staff, to be very good as well added new knowledge and usefulness to carry out work in cold climate. We at Skellefteå Kraft therefore warmly recommend Percold, as their education not only gives knowledge, but also focuses on the risky work environment that actually means cold climate work. It’s easy to take the climate for granted when you alive and live in it.

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