Performance in Cold provides consulting services within ergonomics in cold.

The use of our concept improves a company’s ability to perform and work in a harsh environment. The concept is unique in the world and includes several sub services. Our customers include Polisen i Norrbotten, the National Home Guard, the Swedish biathlon team, Electric power supply companies  and Lernia.

Our competences

Ulla Juntti has a PhD degree in operation and maintenance engineering and more than 30 years of experience working with operation and maintenance of railway in harsh climate.

Why minus8?

minus8 – an eight ball with a blue minus in front – stands for:

  • That it takes 8 days, where you have to stay outdoors for at least 8 hours a day in a temperature below minus8 C° to be winter-adapted.
  • Ice with a temperature of minus8 C°provides the best quality for turning ice sculptures
  • The snow melts on the shoes if the temperature is over minus8 C°degrees