Research Data

MoL has been used to measure the circulation of the hands on more than 1000 people, including clerical workers, elite winter athletes, students, production staff, blue light personnel and an Antarctic expedition consisting of 8 women.

MoL has also been used in two case studies by Katarina Leijon-Sundqvist in her doctoral thesis "Evaluation of Hand Skin Temperature - Infrared Thermography in Combination with Cold Stress”,

Some results so far:

  • There are different groupings for recovery after exposure to cold. A scientific study by a PhD- student at Health Science at Luleå University of Technology is forthcoming.
  • The left hand tends to be colder than the right, something also noted by the Swedish Armed Forces (I19 Winter Device) in Anders Linné’s survey.
  • Women have less resilience.
  • Stress and medication affect the circulatory ability.
  • Smoking and snuffing reduce the fingertip temperature with 4 C° up till 10 hours.

Note: All approved data are stored in a database (Percold) and can be used for further research.

No personal data relating to an identified or identifiable person or group belonging is stored in the Percold database.