Target training and education

Current courses

This autumn we intend to arrange three training sessions with the aim to increase skills and winter capability for both humans and machines. The goal is to increase safety, reduce damage, downtime and costs, see PDF (in Swedish). More information will be added here continuously. The courses will be organized when at least 10 participants reported interest in undergoing the course. Sign up by clicking here

You can also order business packages, which means that we will come to your company with a specially adapted training.

Aktuella utbildningar

Vi anordnar kontinuerligt kurser i syfte att höja kompetens och vinterförmåga för både människa och maskin. Målet är att höja säkerheten, minska skador, driftstörningar och kostnader, se PDF. Mer information kommer att länkas upp fortlöpande. Kurserna anordnas då minst 10 deltagare anmält intresse av att genomgå utbildningen.  Anmäl dig genom att klicka här

Det går också att beställa företagspaket vilket innebär att vi kommer till er med en för er, specialanpassad utbildning.


We provide training in the effects of a harsh environment on humans, including human health, as well as risk and risk management. We explain prevention and mitigation and offer knowledge testing and evaluation. The topics covered are divided into the following blocks:

What are harsh conditions?

  • Definition of cold climate
  • Wind / speed wind / humidity / meteorology
  • Cold surfaces
  • Vibration
  • Geographic location

Effects on humans

  • Heat balance
  • Convection
  • Heat conduction
  • Radiation
  • Evaporation
  • Breathing cold air
  • Factors affecting and changing the cooling sensitivity
  • Individual differences
  • Thermal sensitivity / dehydration / chilblains
  • Custom cooling
  • Alcohol / smoking

Risks associated with working in cold

  • Vibrating tools
  • Cold surfaces
  • Declining mental ability to function
  • Decreasing finger dexterity / controllability
  • Slipping
  • Mental strength

Effects on health and work

  • Reduced functional capacity
  • Reduced blood circulation and burdening the heart
  • Loss of concentration
  • Clumsiness

Risks and risk management

  • Inability to function and consequences
  • Statistics
  • Role of management


  • Head / face / creams in the cold
  • Hands / hand clothing / sweat
  • Feet / footwear / foot sweat
  • Clothing / inner / outer
  • Food in the cold
  • Hygiene in the cold
  • Winter equipment in vehicles


  • - Personally designed workshops can be arranged, e.g. maintenance work in cold environment.

Knowledge Testing/Certification

  • Testing covers personal skills, current knowledge of human behaviour, safety and endurance in harsh environments
  • Granting of a certificate /diploma confirms a successful test

Evaluation – lessons, training, exercises

  • With Percold, the employer will be able to fulfill its responsibilities, improve the work environment, and reduce damage and suffering by continually carrying out measurements and determining current status.